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Hope Medical Institute offers an opportunity for the basic science students to be a part of its on-going USMLE prep. webinar series. Last Academic year we had Dr. Niket Sonpal and Dr. Francis conducting weekly USMLE questions based learning and USMLE subject wise learning webinars respectively , which proved to be very useful to our students. This year again, along with Dr. Sonpal’s weekly webinar, we have also continued bi-weekly webinars conducted by Dr. Francis Ihejirika especially for 1st of 4 year or 3rd of 6 year basic science students. Schedule of these webinars can be found on the Session Info page, and previously conducted webinar recordings can be found on Webinar Archive page. We request students to send their genuine comments and feedback through Student Comments section so as to make these webinars productive and useful to all basic science students as well as to students who are already preparing for USMLE Step I.


Basic Science and USMLE Enrichment webinars are focused on, preparing basic science students (1st year and 2nd year) for USMLE Step I during the first two years of their four years Medical School program at Medical University of Lublin. In Academic year 2017-2018, we have two expert USMLE Prep instructors conducting webinars on weekly and bi-weekly basis.

1. By Dr. Francis, CEO and founder of Pass Program.
2. By Dr. Niket Sonpal, Gastroenterologist,

Dr. Francis’ webinar is for the 1st of 4 years and 3rd of 6 years basic science students. However, students from other years of the basic science can also be a part of it and reap the benefits of these webinars. This year, Dr. Francis will focus on two important subjects i.e. Physiology and Biochemistry. Steady participation of students in these webinars throughout the academic year will enhance their skills and prepare them well for NBME as well as USMLE exams. After the end of the year, Dr Francis will discuss sample questions with the second year students to begin their preparation for the USMLE. This will enable students to understand the process of integrative thinking before they complete their preparation for USMLE next summer. As for now, we want the first year students to feel comfortable with their medical school studies by helping them cover topics in Physiology and Biochemistry, two of the most difficult, yet most important subjects.

Dr. Niket Sonpal’s webinar will be for the 2nd of 4 years and 4th of 6 years students at the Medical University of Lublin. USMLE Step I covers the following areas: Anatomy, behavioral sciences, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, and interdisciplinary topics, such as nutrition, genetics, and aging. Tests will require students to interpret vignettes, graphs and tables, identify mechanisms of action, diagnose symptoms, ascertain causes, and generally apply knowledge of science to clinical problems. Dr. Sonpal will conduct two hours session each week with question based learning method, which will help all participants to interact with Dr. Sonpal on given topics. During the session Dr. Sonpal will also take questions from students, as these topics will be provided to students before the webinar date, students have the advantage to prepare their questions well in advance.