Clinical Program

Clinical Program

Dear Student,
Congratulations on finishing your basic medical sciences. We have prepared the following informational kit which will assist you in understanding the different rules and requirements for clinical clerkships in the United States and Poland**.

HMI’s MD Program prepares students to meet the requirements of major countries such as the US, Canada, and especially countries throughout Europe. The program is designed by a team of academic experts from the United States and Europe. It gives the students in-depth knowledge of basic medical sciences and provides competitive clinical training with hands-on experience. Our university-affiliated hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art technology accompanied by a vast patient base. This gives our students ample opportunity to acquire skills in treating almost any disease known to man.

For students enrolled prior to 2020, the last two years of medical school are your clinical years regardless of which program you are enrolled in (the 4 year or the 6 year program). For students enrolled into the 6 year program from Fall 2020 onwards, the last three years of the program are the clinical years.  During these years most of the teaching and learning occurs at the bedside; in outpatient areas, operating rooms, emergency rooms; and on ward rounds.

Usually, students are assembled in small-group settings where there is an opportunity for close interaction amongst the medical students, house staff, and faculty. The students must come fully prepared and should be able to apply knowledge gained from the basic medical sciences to solve clinical problems.

For students enrolled prior to 2020, the two years of clinical training are a combination of 82 weeks of rotations in different specialties. As per our University curriculum you are required to complete a total of 82 weeks of clinical rotations/clerkships (48 weeks of core rotations in six major specialties, 34 weeks of sub-internships and electives). Upon successful completion of your basic medical sciences from Poland and passing the USMLE STEP 1 examination, you may be eligible for clinical rotations in the United States.

For students enrolled from Fall 2020 onwards, your clinical curriculum comprises of 90 weeks of clinical rotations of which the first 15 weeks must be completed in Poland and the remaining 75 weeks may be completed in the USA or Poland. Further details to the curriculum will be posted soon.

The clinical rotations for students enrolled prior to 2020 is as follows:

Rotation Type # of Weeks Required
Internal Medicine Core 12
Surgery Core 12
Ob/Gyn Core 6
Pediatrics Core 6
Psychiatry Core 6
Family Medicine Core 6
Emergency Medicine Elective 2
Pediatrics Elective 3 or 6
Internal Medicine Elective 3
Infectious Disease Elective 2
Radiology/Nuc Med Elective 3
Pathology Elective 1*
Dermatology Elective 2
Choice Elective 4/6
Rehabilitation Elective 1*
Oncology Elective 1*
Dentistry Elective 1*
ENT Elective 2
Neurology Elective 2
Neurosurgery Elective 2
Ophthalmology Elective 2
Anesthesia/ICU Elective 2
Orthopedic Surgery Elective 1*
TOTAL REQUIRED Core/Elective 82 weeks

*Hospitals in some states require 2 week elective minimum.
**For information on rotations in Poland please visit the following links:
Medical University of Lublin

Please click on the link to the upper right of this page labeled “Clinical Packet“. Review the information carefully. Once your application is complete, submit all documents directly to our Clinical Coordinator.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. It is in your best interest to keep in close contact with the Clinical Coordinator while in rotations until you graduate.

I wish you all the success as you progress through your clinical clerkships and you’re board exams.

Clinical Department

Note: The requirements, rules and regulations are subject to change at any time.