Research - Hope Medical Institute


Hope Medical Institute and its affiliated University’s strong commitment to student research are founded on the principle that investigative experience sharpens critical reasoning. Students who are educated in a research environment are stimulated to seek a deeper understanding of disease and develop their ability to analyze scientific literature, making them valued members of any medical field, whether it is academic medicine, community-based practice, health care policy or emerging technologies. Furthermore, it enhances the potential for gaining the choice of residency.

Our University Research Programs support medical student research, both locally and off-site. Students carry out research in an academic setting under the direction of faculty members at university, hospital and clinics, and sometimes even in the United States.

Research Objectives

The primary objective of the research is to gain an understanding of how new biomedical knowledge is gained. This is achieved by:

  • Learning the discipline and rigor of hypothesis-driven research.
  • Reviewing and critically evaluating the existing literature as a basis for the proposal.
  • Writing a proposal to justify and describe the studies that you will complete.
  • Completing the studies under the direction of an experienced faculty member.
  • Learning the skills to present scientific data at a local or national meeting.
  • Writing a scientific paper for publication.