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H.M.I. Services

H.M.I. Services

Hope Medical Institute provides phenomenal support services tailored to individual students and their families throughout the educational experience; such as, application, matriculation, graduation and beyond. We work side by side with students, parents, and educational institutions to solve problems and allay even the smallest concerns, to meet their needs and uncertainties.

Our wide-range of services are designed to place well qualified and deserving students in one of our reputable European medical schools; and prepare them for an opportunity to a successful placement in their chosen career field. A few of these services are listed below:

  • Aptitude profile evaluations. This particular evaluation helps students and HMI in selecting the proper goals and career objectives.
  • Placement assistance with affiliated colleges. Interviews are scheduled promptly along with an entrance exam in North America for applicants wishing to enter our affiliated medical colleges.
  • Fast admission process. HMI and its affiliated institutions expedite the entire admission through an accelerated process giving students a faster admission decision on his or her application.
  • Processing of loans, grants, scholarships, etc. Under this program HMI may provide help and guidance on a voluntary basis to each needy student in seeking proper funding for a worry-free attendance at medical school
  • We are there when you need us the most. Following a tradition built up over the years, our representatives work hand in hand with our students throughout their years in medical school. Representatives from North America and from the host country cooperate to ensure that every need of the student is met, from basic necessities, such as food, transportation, and housing, to orientation with the facility and other staff members, familiarity with local customs, safety, and security. In addition, in a few instances our representatives may accompany students during their initial trip to attend school. Leave your worries and concerns with H.M.I. – H.M.I. knows how to deal with them.
  • Safety/Security. H.M.I. maintains on-call personnel for assistance and safety of our students at the affiliated university campuses. This service is provided exclusively for H.M.I. students.
  • Student/Teacher liaison. Being in touch with teachers, faculty members, department heads, and concerned students is of great importance to H.M.I. and is a matter which H.M.I. takes pride in.
  • Clinicals in the United States. H.M.I. is actively involved in providing clinical training to its students in the United States. However, H.M.I. does not guarantee or promise a clinical rotation in United States to each and every student since students must meet many standards set by H.M.I., its affiliated institutions, and teaching hospitals in the United States.
  • Support in preparation for board exams. Hope Medical Institute has maintained relations with several board review organizations in the United States to provide students with review courses at discounted rates. Please contact H.M.I. for further details.
  • US Matriculation and Commencement Ceremonies. Each year, HMI selects an elegant facility in an exciting destination city and hosts impressive and meaningful matriculation and commencement ceremonies for incoming students and graduates. Deans and professors from the European schools are flown in to confer the medical degrees on the graduates and they are joined by prestigious speakers, honored guests, and volunteers who participate in both celebrations along with the matriculating students, graduates, and their families. During these ceremonies, the matriculating students meet with the graduates and are infused with confidence that they, too, can achieve their dreams of becoming physicians while the graduates and their families celebrate the culmination of their dreams. It is a memorable time where every matriculating student and graduate can celebrate along with the families and friends who helped make it possible.