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About Poland

About Poland

Poland is one of Europe’s most fascinating countries. It lies between Eastern and Western Europe and is one of the most populace regions in the EU. Poland’s inhabitants enjoy large cities and have many opportunities for both work and recreation. One can enjoy easy travel to other European countries and have many local tourist attractions as well. Krakow’s Market Square is very popular with both tourists and locals. Cities all over Poland contain awe-inspiring Gothic cathedrals and museums containing priceless works of art. The Wieliczka Salt Mines contain thousands of artworks made out of salt and large underground cathedrals.


Polish inhabitants and visitors can enjoy diverse landscapes and geological areas. Poland has thousands of inland lakes and a coast along the Baltic Sea. Tourists and inhabitants of these regions can visit remarkable national parks, natural spits, and health resorts. The southernmost region of Poland is home to the Tatramountains where 70 peaks are least 6,600 feet high. Tourists love to visit these towering slopes to ski and climb.


Poland’s educational system has a history going back over six centuries. Its schools and universities have educated great contributors to humanity such as Maria Curie and Frederic Chopin. The university system in Poland has gone through many changes and innovations in its 650-year history. In the late 20th century, Poland began focusing on attracting students from around the world to study. They began offering many courses taught in English.

Students who study in Poland have a wide variety of resources and opportunities available to them. The cost of living and tuition in Poland is still significantly less than other European countries. Many students get part-time jobs during the summer months and enjoy the benefits of Poland’s recent strong economic growth. Poland’s medical schools, in particular, are gaining global notoriety as Polish trained scientists and doctors are becoming prominent around the world.


It is easy to see that Poland is a country with an established historical significance. However, it is also gaining increasing significance in today’s the world. It is a country steeped in tradition but eagerly jumping into the modern age. The students who choose Polish universities can not only brag of the quality of their education, but they can have a unique university experience that will give them stories for a lifetime.