From the President - Hope Medical Institute
From the President

From the President

Hello and welcome to Hope Medical Institute. Before we begin, let me assure you: This is a Doctor of Medicine Degree program unlike any you’ve ever encountered. What we have in store for you is going to help you change the world.

Our vision is clear: Being imbued with a Promethean zeal to promote the practice of the Art and Science of Medicine, to play a significant role in the equitable distribution of quality healthcare, and to act with impassioned response to the indisputable importance of raising up world class physician leaders to provide global solutions to a global health crisis,  we invite you to to take a once-in-a-lifetime journey with us.  This is your ticket for an adventure most will only dream of…

You might wonder how our story is different from every other great medical school? What makes H.M.I. so very special?

The first answer is you.  It is you — the brilliant, the bold, the defiantly original men and women who will one day, as graduates of Hope Medical Institute, take their place alongside world-changers as ambassadors of a great cause: The Restoration of Hope to a world that has waited far too long for its arrival.

This is a story of a mission, an opportunity to share in our vision of a world renewed — a world restored to Hope.   This is the story of The Mahatma, Martin Luther King Junior, Madame Curie, Abraham Lincoln, Dorothy Day.  Our vision is that you will be more than just doctors, more than just physicians.  You will become Physician Ambassadors — Leaders — Solution Providers — World Changers.

You see, because just like you, we at Hope Medical Institute believed it was time to heal our world, one patient, one community at a time.  That is why we exist.  That is why you will hopefully join us. Because just like you , we are bold women and men on a critical mission.  From the Beginning, we decided that if we were going to help bring real Hope, real healing to our world, we needed to change how Medical Education is Designed and ultimately how healthcare is delivered – Around the Globe.  And after nearly 20 years of graduating some of the best Physicians the world has ever known– Physicians who are leading our world back to Hope and Health — Head on and Heart first.  We know we’re just getting started. That’s why you are here now, preparing to take the next step.  I have one question for you.

Isn’t it time you changed the world?

We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

Mahendra Patel
President and CEO