Affordable Medicals School in Europe

Not all medical students are same. You may be ready to begin medical school but don’t fit into the category of “traditional medical school applicant.”

For instance, have you:

  • Finished your undergraduate program, with all the pre-med courses, perhaps with excellent grades but didn’t apply for medical school in the traditional time frame?
  • Haven’t completed the MCAT?
  • Seeking a program that compliments your GPA?
  • Need a more affordably priced medical program?
  • Didn’t attend a program with a linkage?


You have options.

Haven’t completed the MCAT and want acceptance without it?

There are a few USA medical schools may meet your expectations. Some accelerated programs stateside, such as those at Northwestern University, Brown University and East Carolina University, do not require an MCAT to matriculate. However, these are competitive programs which usually require high SAT/ACT scores, grades or admission in your junior year. Others require early admission, including Drexel and Ohio Universities along with ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Canada also offers a couple of programs, including the University of Ottawa and Windsor University’s program on the island of Saint Kitt.

Taken the MCAT with have a median GPA close to 3.5 or MCAT scores between 25-35?

As you pursue your goal of medical school consider the following: military college program, college programs that serve the medically underserved and HBC’s (historically Black colleges) which accept students with median GPAs of around 3.5 and MCAT scores from 25-35. These schools include Uniformed University of Maryland, University of Maryland, Hofstra, Howard, Mercer, Commonwealth Medical, Eastern Virginia, Albany, Morehouse, Tulane, Meharry, University of Missouri and Marshall Universities.

Need to prep for the MCAT? Feel like you want to apply to medical school, but worry about grades in your pre-med science courses?

Some MCAT prep courses online or locally may help you. You can also enroll in special master’s programs aimed at boosting your GPA or MCAT scores.

But the best option may be to consider studying medicine at one of Europe’s top medical schools, of which there are many.

The reasons to consider Europe’s best medical schools include:

  • Affordability. The programs cost significantly less that stateside programs. Not only is tuition affordable, but the cost of living is low.
  • Many programs – such as the Hope Medical Institute program which partners with Poland’s Lublin Medical School – qualify for the US Federal Title IX program and financial aid for Canadian students as well.
  • MCAT’s are not required for the six year MD program.
  • Six-year programs prepare students just starting out.
  • Four-year MD programs are a fit for students who’ve finished pre-med studies and have eligible MCAT scores.
  • First time USMLE pass rates for schools partnered with Hope Medical Institute are over 90%.
  • Clinical rotations at European, Canadian and American hospitals are available.
  • Graduates can seek licenses in Europe, Canada or the USA.
  • Poland’s top medical schools teach in English and offer studies in well-regarded research hospitals.
  • Each offer a wide variety of medical programs.

Hope Medical Institute is a great place to start your research and discover opportunities at Europe’s best medical schools. In short, keep Europe’s top medical schools on your list when applying to programs that will maximize your future.